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Beijing Europe and the United States grams Instrument Co., Ltd.
Address: Zhongguancun South Street on the 8th Zip code: 100080
Tel: 62550572    Fax:
Other integrated technical services: production and sales of measuring equipment production for sales of language products.

Beijing Star-temperature Materials Co., Ltd.
Address: Qinghe Dongbinhelu Zip code: 100085
Tel: 62902190    Fax: 62902641
Other comprehensive technology service industry: the production of high-temperature products; production for sales of products.

Beijing Kinpo Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: Zhongguancun Road on the 17th DSP Building, the three-tier PC: 100080
Tel: 62630003-202    Fax: 62630669
Other integrated technical services: development and production of electronic dictionary hardware to provide technical advisory services related to sales of production for products.

Parker Beijing International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: Fuchengmen Road, No. 111 Zip Code: 100101
Tel: 64976566    Fax: 64976866
Technical supervision: domestic and international engineering consulting projects Information Service Commissioner project management development and application of computer software and related hardware.

Beijing-wide 3-D Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: Haidian District, Beijing customs in the wood on the 12th Road B 409 Zip Code: 100080
Tel: 62536010    Fax: 62536009
To promote scientific and technological exchanges and technical services: the production of power generating units rotor partition parts of the technological transformation of power engineering consulting services sales production for products

Beijing Asia's Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Granville building on the 7th-706, China: 100,004
Tel: 65610260    Fax: 65610258
Other comprehensive technology service industry: the production of intelligent network system products supporting the automatic control system equipment and spare parts sales of products production for the installation of production for product maintenance technical advice debug technology

Beijing, Clark Randt, Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd.
Address: Haidian District, Beijing Zizhu Yuan Road apartment on the 31st China and Macao Center 3-1D Zip code: 100089
Tel: 68715306    Fax: 68715305
Other integrated technical services: design development and production of electric power system control devices to protect electrical engineering machinery products instrument production for the installation of debugging maintenance technical advisory technical services sales production for production

Limited Beijing Branch-magnetic material
Address: College Road, on the 30th Postal Code: 100083
Tel: 62332263    Fax: 62332258
Other integrated technical services: permanent magnet materials and their production and marketing products

Beijing-image as Ltd.
Address: Whitehead Road, on the 15th of the Everbright Building, 3208-3210, Zip code: 100081
Tel: 68473137    Fax: 68486957
Other integrated technical services: development and production of earth satellite data and graphic images and satellite data products and applications related to software sales production for products related training and information technology services

Beijing Central New Gas Ltd.
Address: Haidian District, Beijing, adding路甲34 Zip code: 100037
Tel: 68713912    Fax: 68713912
Other comprehensive technology service industry: the manufacture of gas recovery plant and sewage treatment plants and related control systems; production for sales of products.

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