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      The best tour time in Beijing

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Beijing is continental monsoon climate, the four seasons are clear; the annual average of temperature is 10-12oC, every year, it's coolest in January, and the hottest in July. The clear and gentle autumn is the best tour time in Beijing for the more sandstorms in spring and rainfall in summer and dry winter, when it will hold the Xiangshan red leaf festival in Xiangshan and vicinity. Winter is not the tour midseason in Beijing, but it's another pleasure to go skiing in Beihai, eat the steaming hot Shuanyangrou and visit the different kinds of temple fair in the first moon, of course, do not forget to wear the cotton jacket. In addition, it's also a good season, in May, mostly because of some world-class performances will be staged in this time.
It has another lingering charm in winter of Beijing, to Beihai skiing, to West mountain watch snow, take out the steaming hot Shuanyangrou again, and this is the real fun to travel Beijing. Do not forget to ware the cotton jacket when traveling Beijing.

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