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      The traffic of Beijing City

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Beijing is one of key positions of Chinese important transportation, aviation, railroad, road developed, may direct go to the world more than 50 countries from here and the local important cities by plane, may go to domestically each big, the middle city; Beijing's transportation system is development, the vehicles are many. Certainly, took as a metropolis, Beijing also has the metropolis common failing - the block of transportation.


The new waiting the plain building of capital airport already began using, Beijing as China international, the status of domestic aviation key position obtains further strengthens. The airport commercial aviation bus service fare is 16 Yuan, arrives to the place of Xidan commercial aviation building, art museum, Beijing stopping place, princess tomb and so on. If self-driving, the airport high speed road expense is 15 Yuan. Certainly goes on a journey in the peak avoids two links and three links circuits as far as possible.


The railroad is one of important tools of shipping industry, certainly also is extends in all directions as the capital Beijing railroad. Beijing station mainly has the Beijing to Shanghai line, the Beijing Kazak line, Beijing to Qinhuangdao line and so on; The west station mainly has the Beijing to Guangzhou line, the Gansu to Hai line and so on; The south station are most slow train; The north station is the Xizhimen train station, has the picnic vehicle, the tube places and such as passenger train and some Inner Mongolia, Hebei short distance vehicle and so on. In order to convenient with passengers playing, our each scenic site admission ticket and a holiday picnic row ticket may purchase in the Beijing station, the Beijing north station, the Beijing south station, the Beijing railroad international travel agency and so on place. The Beijing station, the Beijing south station, the Beijing north station and various station are equipped with the green channel, the tourist may enter the station and directly buy tickets.


There are over 60 thousand of taxis in existence in Beijing, conveniently take a taxi in Beijing. It has the taxi services around the clock at the airport, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, major tourist spot, entertainment and commercial streets.
The Beijing's taxi price divides into three kinds: 1.2 Yuan/km, 1.6Yuan/km, 2 Yuan/km, posted in the windows of a logo with the words "Start price is 10 Yuan/km". Of which the model of 1.2 Yuan/km is Xiali, 4km start, the model of 1.6 Yuan/km mainly is Fukang and Jieda, 3km start. Drive more than 15km an additional 50% of the one-way fee. Await or the speed less than 20 stride/ hour accept the extra charge of 1km every five minutes.
The taxis generally stop when you waved, but there is no special taxi station on some major streets in city, it means that it forbids stopping optionally except for the station. So we suggest you to read the map before getting up, know the general direction, and avoid wasting your travel time.
Beijing taxi drivers have received strict training; choose the best economic line for the visitors. It's necessary to grow the good habit to take the invoice which imprints the vehicle No, Company name, charge telephone and other information, if you find the goods leaving the cars, or the unequal situation, you can dial the phone to find the car.

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