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Beijing is located the north latitude 39°56', east longitude 116°20'; Northwest adjoins Shanxi, inner Mongolian plain, south and North adjoin with Huabei plains , east near Bohai Sea; Town center elevation 43.71 meters; Total area 16,808 square kilometers, urban district area 1,040 square kilometers. West, north, east three goes around a mountain, the main rivers have Yongding river, Chaobaihe River, north the canal and so on.
Looked from the temperature, the Beijing have three regions annual mean temperature surpasses 12 degree, from Haidian's eastern part to south Fengtai, Daxing, Fangshan intersection point; From middle Haidian through Shijing Hill east to Fangshan northeast; before the South Fangshan . January is the national capital coldest month, in January the coldest area is a Yanqing County Haituo mountain, the Men-Tou vallely area Dongling mountain, the average temperature lowly amounts to the below zero 17 degree Celsius, but the hottest area above the below zero 4 degree Celsius, distributes middle Haidian to the southwest in front of the work place Yanshan of Fangshan district area.
July is the hottest month of national capital whole year, the Beijing plain area has three areas equally highest temperature in 31 degree Celsius above: Changping, Haidian intersection point, middle Fangshan plain, south central Huairou; The temperature lowest place is a Yanqing County Haituo mountain, the monthly average temperature is 13.4 degree Celsius; The temperature change biggest area has the Yenking Sichuan area Chaobaihe River river valley, the Men-Tou vallely clear water river valley, during one day and so on, the date temperature may differ 16 degree Celsius. Looks at Beijing from the precipitation, year precipitation most places is the slope of southeast Pinggu, the precipitation amount to 1,000 millimeters; The precipitation least Guanting Reservoir, the year precipitation is 400 millimeters.
Beijing may divide into the multi- rain, the moderate rain, the few rain three kind of regions: The multi- rainfall areas precipitation above 700 millimeters, including as the Pinggu four buildings as east central Pinggu, Miyun the mountainous area, the Pinggu south mountain and four buildings the slope very many areas precipitation amounts to above against the 900 millimeters; Take Huairou's eight rivers, Miyun's Yunmeng, the stone wall as the center, the precipitation are about 800 millimeters; east side of Men-Tou vallely, Haidian Xishan, north west of Fangshan, west of Cheval river. Few rainfall areas year precipitation below 550 millimeters, including two regions: West extends continuously from Men-Tou vallely's uneven village to the west leans of northeast to Yenking, Kang village, the Baihe River fort, a pot; Huairou area Tang River two sides.
In 1998 the Beijing atmospheric environment quality was be unoptimistic, the air quality 4 level and above 23 weeks, accounted for 42.2%, the 21 weeks of air quality 3 levels, accounted for 40.4%. Therefore, authorizes by the State Council, to decide takes the control air pollution 18 urgent measures, mainly includes the control coal smoke pollution, the control vehicle pollution and the control raises the dust to pollute three aspects the contents. All levels of governments and the department concerned earnestly carry out the urgent measure, reequips the natural gas, the liquified petroleum gas public transportation to the year's end may reach 515; Forced to discard 14,000 exhaust seriously to exceed the allowed figure with the extended active duty ˇ°small busˇ±. Sets out 100,000 people, bans open-air bakes more than 4,000; The path machine sweeps the area to expand to 74%, the atomization presses the dust area to amount to 10 million square meters; Positively promotes uses the low sulfur low ash high quality coal and the clean fuel. Because has taken the synthesis preventing and controlling measure, has controlled the tendency initially which the pollution aggravates. Positively does the tree-planting afforestation work, completes the afforested area 538 hectares, year's end the whole city near suburb public green space area 4,945 hectares, average per person hold the public green space 8.18 square meters; The city afforestation coverage fraction 34.9%, enhanced 0.26 percentage point compared to the last year, newly built rebuilds park 7.

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